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Reinventures specializes in creating customer-centric enterprises.

Reinventures Clients

More than a consultancy, Reinventures provides the training to create the proper mindset, and the tools to put that mindset to work, creating measurable customer-centric growth and reinvention—the heart of the value transformation that drives the world’s most successful businesses.

Reinventures was founded by Dr. Lynn Phillips, a former faculty member (and award-winning teacher and scholar) at Stanford Business School for 12 years—in addition to having held faculty positions at Harvard, Northwestern, Rice, and UC Berkeley business schools. Now devoted entirely to executive education and implementation guidance, Dr. Phillips is widely recognized as the co-creator and developer of many of the essential customer-focus and value-delivery frameworks, concepts, tools, and disciplines that are employed by leading companies worldwide to hone their competitive edge, reinvent their businesses, and drive sustained growth.